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October 19, 2021
Complex Part electrocoating

Corrosion Resistant Electrocoating

Corrosion Resistant Electrocoating Today’s Benchmark Process for Preventing Corrosion As manufacturers look for cost effective and reliable methods of parts finishing, electrocoating continues to grow in […]
October 5, 2021
e-coating closeup

Electrocoating, Improving the Process

Electrocoating, Improving the Process A Growing Market Electrocoating is a wet process in which manufactured components or parts are racked and lowered into an aqueous solution […]
September 21, 2021
e-coated parts from Great Dane

Identifying and Addressing Electrocoating Defects

Identifying and Addressing Electrocoating Defects Has your company tried e-coating products only to experience cratering, rupturing, roughness, pin holes, or other defects? Great Dane Powder Coating’s […]
August 31, 2021
Barber National Institute

Nomination – Community Employers of the Year 2021

Nominated for – Community Employers of the Year 2021 To Great Dane Powder Coating, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated Great Dane […]
August 24, 2021

Controlling Film Thickness

Controlling Film Thickness in Electrocoating E-Coating a Top Choice for Manufacturers Electrophoretic coating, also known as e-coating or electrocoating, is one of the most popular paint […]
August 10, 2021
e-coating metal bars at Great Dane Powder Coating

Volume Electrocoating

Volume Electrocoating E-Coating for Large Orders and Large Parts At Great Dane Powder Coating Inc., we’re experts in professional electrophoretic coating. That’s why so many companies […]
July 20, 2021
Parts Masking for Electrocoating

Masking for Electrocoating

Masking for Electrocoating Avoid Costly E-Coating Mistakes At Great Dane’s new electrocoating facility, we immerse metal parts in a water-based solution where an electric charge causes […]
July 6, 2021
Electrocoating Benefits

Electrocoating Benefits

Electrocoating Benefits Affordable, Efficient, and Low Waste The benefits of electrocoating (E-coating) include superior corrosion resistance, controllable, uniform film coverage, and the ability to coat complex […]
June 25, 2021

E-Coating as a Powder Coat Primer

E-Coating as a Powder Coat Primer For Exceptional Corrosion Resistance Does powder coating need a primer? Ordinarily no. At Great Dane Powder Coating, Inc., our experts […]
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