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Meet Great Dane’s New Plant Manager

Meet Great Dane’s New Plant Manager

Colton Adams Sets a Course of Continuous Improvement

At Great Dane Powder Coating, we’re proud to announce the appointment of Colton Adams as our new Plant Manager.

Colton advances to the position after serving as Great Dane’s Quality Control Lead, where he became familiar with our QC procedures and worked to mature those systems by reducing reworks from 3% to less than 1%. Colton’s mastery of data analysis and demonstrated leadership in production and QMS meetings makes him the perfect choice for Plant Manager here at Great Dane.

Colton brings a wealth of expertise to his new role, along with a background that spans more than a decade in various industries. He has a proven track record in driving operational excellence, managing complex operations, and achieving ambitious production targets.

“I appreciate the history of Great Dane Powder Coating and its commitment to being a reliable production partner, providing advanced parts coating services to many industries. This commitment was demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic when Great Dane continued production without losing a day of service and turned its focus to the coating needs of the medical industry.”

“My approach to process improvement starts with action based on analytics. At Great Dane, we make data insights useable in day-to-day operations, and once we improve a process, we see if these beneficial changes can be copied into other areas of the plant.”

– Colton Adams, Plant Manager

Colton’s approach to leadership is grounded in continuous improvement and professional development, leveraging resources like professional coaching to enhance his managerial capabilities. His strategic vision for the plant includes implementing processes that not only boost efficiency and profitability but also prioritize safety, quality, and team development.

Colton has shown us that even our best processes can be significantly improved with the right analysis and attention to detail. In one part grouping, he was able to determine that the root cause of coating errors was a need for improved lighting in that specific process. In another area, Colton reduced the rejection rate in aftermarket auto parts by over 50%.

Great Dane Powder Coating prides itself on delivering high-quality, durable coatings for a wide range of industrial applications. With Colton Adams in his new position as Plant Manager, we are poised to further our mission of delivering coating excellence, ensuring that we continue to meet the high standards expected by our many clients.

We look forward to the innovations and growth Colton will bring to Great Dane Powder Coating, solidifying our position as a trusted partner for powder coating services nationwide.

Congratulations, Colton, on your new role. We are excited to see where your leadership and vision will take us. For more information about our services and how we excel in meeting the needs of our clients, visit Great Dane Powder Coating.

“Great Dane Powder Coating has a venerable 30-year history of delivering amazing quality at affordable prices, but we are still hungry, looking to grow and to exceed customer expectations on whatever projects they would like to bring our way.”

– Colton Adams, Plant Manager

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