Our Powder Coat Process

Delivering a Tough, Durable, Environmentally Friendly Finish

Used primarily on large and small metal parts and assemblies, everything from household appliances to automobile and bicycle parts, powder coating is a durable, chip resistant coating.

Applied electrostatically as a free-flowing, dry powder, the coating is cured under heat to create a uniform, decorative functional coating. Unlike conventional methods, powder coating does not use a solvent to create a paint suspension, which also eliminates volatile organic compound (VOC) emission issues. This makes powder coating the environmentally friendly process.

With EPA regulations growing ever stricter, powder coating has become the technology of choice to create a colorful, hard finish, tougher than conventional paint.

Conveyor Specifications

  • Two Overhead Conveyor Lines.
  • Iron Phosphate Pre-Treatment Washer.
  • Convection Dry-Off Oven.
  • Automatic / Manual Powder Booth.
  • Large Part Capability of 42" W x 84" H x 96" L.
  • Part Weight Limit of 300 pounds.

Conveyor Process

  1. Parts are loaded on the conveyor line.
  2. Parts pass through the washer that cleans, chemically pre-treats, and rinses.
  3. Parts pass through the dry-off oven to evaporate moisture.
  4. Parts pass through the powder booth, where the powder is electrostatically applied.
  5. Parts pass through the cure oven.
  6. Parts are unloaded from the conveyor line and inspected.
  7. Parts are packed and ready for pickup/shipment.

Batch Process

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