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December 22, 2022
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January 26, 2023

Electrocoating Delivers Durability

Electrocoating Delivers Durability

Wear and Damage Resistance

E-coating, also known as electrophoretic deposition, is a “wet” process where metal parts are immersed in a bath of epoxy resins, like the high-quality AquaEC 6000 series from Axalta Coatings.

An electric current is applied to attract the particles to the metal, after which the part is cured in an oven.

The result is a reliable, corrosion resistant coating that is also chip, scratch, and abrasion resistant. Best of all, it’s an affordable technology with great turn-around time and a precise coating consistency from order to order and batch to batch.

Advantages to e-coating include:

  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • Improved edge protection
  • Lower cure temperature
  • Compliant with global environmental standards
  • Smoother finish

When it comes to industrial coatings, electrocoating is among the most cost-effective, durable, and environmentally friendly coating technologies available.

At Great Dane, our experience includes service for the HVAC industry, Manufacturing and Fabrication, Automotive, Appliances, Construction, and more.

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The Coating of Choice for Automotive, Military, and Heavy Duty Equipment

The Automotive industry is well known for its complexity, with today’s average car containing over 30,000 manufactured parts and almost 2,000 assembles and sub-assemblies, from the engine, transmission, and suspension to seat belt systems and wiper motors.

Cars, of course, are subject to inordinate wear and tear. Automobiles endure stresses beyond almost any other device we deal with in daily life. Vibrations, shocks, dings, temperature extremes, and exposure to a wide variety of corrosive environments mean that keeping the average auto from falling apart is a major engineering success story.

E-coating is a part of that story. The durable, uniform, and lasting finish of electrocoating delivers an affordable finishing process for small, large, and complex parts, protecting them from both environmental stress and the interactive wear of parts joined together into a sub-assemblies.

Heavy Duty and Military equipment face the same challenges as automobiles, but then pile on stresses that would quickly reduce the average car to a wreck. Fire trucks and emergency vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, and military grade Humvees need to be nearly indestructible.

This makes e-coating an ideal choice for industries where durability and wear resistance not only contribute to the long life of a part, but also to its long-lasting appearance and perceived value.

A Primer for Powder Coating

Applying a primer for powder coating is not necessary for every job, but when the part being powder coated needs to look great and deliver exceptional durability and wear resistance, a dual layer comprised of e-coat primer finished with a powder coat is recommended.

Powder coating uses a dry powder applied with a spray gun that creates an electric charge, causing the dry powder to fuse to the surface of metal parts. This is then baked in a curing oven to achieve a smooth coating.

Once the e-coating of the part is completed, powder coating is added during a second process, as the effectiveness of the powder coating is not impeded by film thickness ranges between 18 and 28 microns of e-coating.

At Great Dane, we are your one-stop-shop for either electrocoating or powder coating, and for those projects when applying both processes is the answer to providing your product with one of the most durable coatings combinations available.

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Delivering Coating Excellence for over 28 Years!

At Great Dane Powder Coating, Inc., we have more than a quarter century of experience under our belts. We offer the benefits of a cutting-edge facility and high-end equipment for providing exceptional results.

It’s no wonder that we are trusted by fabrication facilities and manufactures across the country to deliver highly durable coatings on a wide variety of parts and components.

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