Providing an Essential Service During the Coronavirus Emergency

At Great Dane Powder Coating, we take the Coronavirus situation seriously and we are taking steps to assure a safe operational environment for our employees. During this time we are OPEN AND OPERATING.  The Protective Coatings we provide are used in Medical Manufacturing and other Essential Services.

  • Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
  • Scientific research and Development services
  • Water, Sewage, and other systems
  • Products to support US armed forces
  • Semiconductor and Electrical Component manufacturing
  • Cattle ranching and farming
  • Support activities for farming
  • Petroleum & Coals products manufacturing
  • Primary metal manufacturing.
  • Steel product manufacturing from purchased steel
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Rail Transportation
  • General Freight Trucking
  • Other Support Activities for Transportation activities
  • Repair and Maintenance

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For Industrial and
Manufacturing Clients

  • 25 year-old coatings company, experienced in serving manufacturing and high-parts production clients.
  • e-coating, assembling, labeling, packaging, and delivery your order with a 5-day turnaround guarantee.
  • Orders handled with turn-key ease, from surface preparation to packaging.
  • Materials coated include steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminum castings, aluminized steel, galvaneal, powdered metal, and sintered metal.

At Great Dane Powder Coating Inc., we’re experts in professional electrophoretic coating. That’s why so many companies turn to us for their industrial and high-volume e-coating needs.

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Electrocoating Done Fast

Our simple, three-step process allows for faster filling of high-volume orders and consistency across all pieces!

  • Parts Cleaning and Pre-Treatment
  • Immersion in a Charged Electrophoretic Bath
  • Drying/Oven Curing to a Create a Durable Finish

Whether your order has 100 parts or 10,000, Great Dane’s experts can handle it. Electrocoating allows our team to apply an identical finish to every piece, every time. From metal bars and rings to radiators and replacement auto parts, Great Dane’s electrophoretic coating options can evenly finish the most complex shapes in hard-to-reach areas.

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