Antimicrobial, Durable, Easy-to-Clean Coatings
Antimicrobial, Durable, Easy-to-Clean Coatings
December 24, 2020
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January 28, 2021

Solving Powder Coating Challenges

Solving Powder Coating Challenges

Diagnosing Issues Other Powder Coaters Can’t Handle

Powder coating your manufactured parts offers a wide range of benefits. These include delivering one of the most economical, longest lasting, and color-durable surface coatings for metal parts. An environmentally friendly process, powder coating offers a surface coat resistant to wear, chips, scratches, and fading.

What powder coating is not is “easy.”

Delivering consistent quality at industrial and consumer level expectations takes a combination of experienced personnel, proven procedures (from parts prep through coating and curing), premium supplies, and well-maintained equipment.

That’s why not all powder coaters can meet your expectations. Every piece presents a new challenge. Before coating can begin, the surface must be clean, bare metal, free of grease, oxidation, and other contaminants.

Achieving a uniform coverage of precise thickness takes practice and care. A sub-par job can affect both durability and end use, especially if improper coating thickness causes issues with fit or intended use.

Sound familiar?

If you’re having trouble with your current powder coating provider, consider turning to the experts at Great Dane Powder Coating. Send us a sample. Our experts can diagnose the problem and recommend a solution, including custom formulations designed to fit your production schedule, the operational environment of your manufactured part, and your budget.

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Typical Powder Coating Quality Issues

When manufacturers and fabricators turn to Great Dane Powder Coating, the typical problems we see and work to solve include:

  • Poor coverage/opacity. Often caused by using the wrong pigment, cheap or poorly maintained spray equipment, or inexperienced personnel.
  • This hazy, smoky distortion is often caused by the use of cheap resins used on a dark substrate and/or improper curing temperature.
  • Pinholes/Outgassing. To prevent pinholes requires a degassing agent added to the formula, one that allows gas entrapment to be released during the curing process.
  • Poor edge coverage. Typically, a problem with edge coverage points to a viscosity issue where flow of the powder spray needs to be reduced with a thixotropic additive.
  • When the part (substrate) is not properly cleaned, discoloration can pull through to mar the powder coated surface. Proper cleaning and pretreatment are key here.

These are only a handful of issues from a long list which includes poor transfer efficiency, poor UV durability, “picture framing,” cratering, sags, smoking, and more. As you can see, powder coating done right adds exceptional value at an affordable price, while inexperience, cheap equipment and supplies, and improper procedure can waste time and money in too many ways to count.

Great Dane Powder Coating is 100% Available

Powder Coated PartAn essential business, Great Dane Powder Coating worked full-time through the COVID-19 emergency, and we are 100% ready to supply protective coatings for manufacturers of all types, including medical and scientific equipment, utilities, military, trucking, rail transportation, and more.

If your business is having trouble sourcing high-quality powder coating, or needs Great Dane to troubleshoot a difficult project, give us a call at 724-537-9709. 

Work with Great Dane Powder Coating

Great Dane Powder Coating has been serving the needs of industry, manufacturing, and parts fabricators for decades, and we handle repeat and high-volume orders with ease. We give your production parts a high-end, finished look that increases their lifespan and their customer appeal.

Delivering Powder Coating Excellence for over 25 Years!

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