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November 20, 2020
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January 28, 2021

Antimicrobial, Durable, Easy-to-Clean Coatings

Antimicrobial, Durable, Easy-to-Clean Coatings

Powder Coating ServicesPower Coating Industry a Critical Player During Pandemic

At Great Dane Powder Coating, Inc. we’ve been hard at work throughout the COVD-19 Pandemic. This has been a time of historic challenges. As a part of the U.S. Coatings Industry, Great Dane is proud be contributing to the health and welfare of the nation.

What is the role of powder coating in fighting a pandemic?

Leaders in the Coatings Industry like Milron, Microban, and Alesta AM have long pioneered antimicrobial powder coating formulas now recognized as superior options in high-touch, high-risk environments. Great for use on hospital equipment, handrails, fitness equipment, bathroom partitions, food equipment, steel furniture, domestic appliances, and more.

Frequent cleaning does not reduce the antimicrobial properties, and surfaces infused with variations on silver ion technology help provide antimicrobial protection between cleanings for the life of the coating.

In hospitals, powder coating can be used on both lifesaving and support equipment.

  • Components of ventilators and vital signs monitors.
  • Hospital carts and medical trolleys.
  • Sanitizer dispensers.
  • Hospital bed frames.
  • Door handles – which studies show harbor the greatest variety of organisms.

Powder coated surfaces are non-porous and easily wiped down with disinfectants. They provide both chemical and electrical resistance, qualities perfect for hospital environments where electrical connections and corrosive gases and chemicals are encountered.

Great Dane Powder Coats Hospital Beds, Sanitizers

Last month, Great Dane Powder Coating was called upon to powder coat 8,000 hospital beds for use in New York and Michigan.

Great Dane Powder Coating Inc. also received an order to coat 250 portable hand sanitizer dispensers from southwestern Pennsylvania manufacturer for use in combating the coronavirus outbreak.

Great Dane Powder Coating is 100% Available

We’ve been working throughout the pandemic to supply protective coatings for medical and scientific equipment, utilities, military, trucking, rail transportation, and more.

If your business is having trouble sourcing high-quality powder coating, give us a call at 724-537-9709. 

If your traditional provider is unable to keep up or won’t be available when you need them, Great Dane can provide supplementary services to help you through the crunch time that’s sure to happen as the economy comes back online.

Work with Great Dane Powder Coating

Great Dane Powder Coating has been serving the needs of industry, manufacturing, and parts fabricators for decades, and we handle repeat and high-volume orders with ease. We give your production parts a high-end, finished look that increases their lifespan and their customer appeal.

Delivering Powder Coating Excellence for over 25 Years!

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