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October 5, 2021
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November 9, 2021

Corrosion Resistant Electrocoating

Corrosion Resistant Electrocoating

Today’s Benchmark Process for Preventing Corrosion

As manufacturers look for cost effective and reliable methods of parts finishing, electrocoating continues to grow in favor across a wide and varied market.

Industries using electrocoating include automotive, bulk finishing, household and decorative products, military and defense, sports and recreation, agricultural, electric appliances, steel castings, engines, electronics and computer components, metal furniture, marine equipment, and even power transformers.

Corrosion resistance is one key to electrocoating’s growing popularity. Electrocoating creates a durable barrier between the base metal and its operational environment, protecting it from solvents, salts, chemicals, acids, and oxidation.

E-coating is also durable, helping to prevent chips and resisting abrasive wear.

Because e-coats can be applied to precise tolerances, uniformly and consistently, they provide the highest overall quality when dealing with volumes of parts.

Customizing the Process to Your Needs

Is electrocoating right for your parts finishing needs? The best way to determine how e-coating technology can benefit your production line is to talk with the experts at Great Dane Powder Coating, LLC.  We take into account the final use and the environments your part will be exposed to, as well as its tolerances in assembly.

We can precisely control the thickness of the protective coating and maintain that consistency over multiple batches.

Because we are a full-service facility, we handle all aspects of parts coating, from pretreatment and masking through oven curing, light assembly, kitting, and packing.

Maximum Durability and Corrosion Protection

Because Great Dane is an experienced powder coating facility, we can offer the exceptional corrosion protection delivered when electrocoating is used as a primer and a finishing powder coat is applied.

E-coating makes an excellent primer because of its ability to coat complex shapes and reach recesses that are difficult to coat with other processes. Powder coating in combination with e-coating is a remarkable marriage of technologies that delivers truly long-lasting results, as well as all the color finishes possible with powder coating.

Check out our latest article on Electrocoating, Improving the Process to learn how electrocoating technology is advancing and the complexities of delivering consistent and impressive results.

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Celebrating 27 Years of Excellence in 2021

At Great Dane Powder Coating, Inc., we have over quarter century of experience under our belts. We offer the benefits of a cutting-edge facility and high-end equipment for providing exceptional results.

It’s no wonder that we are trusted by fabrication facilities and manufactures across the country to deliver highly durable coatings on a wide variety of parts and components.

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