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March 8, 2019
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May 20, 2019

Advanced Coating Technologies

Advanced Coating Technologies

Today’s Cutting Edge and Tomorrow’s Leap Forward

At Great Dane Powder Coating, Inc., we are not only experts in durable, high quality powder coats, we work with some of the most advanced coating technologies available today.

We use these technologies to better serve specific industry needs.

Electrophoretic Coating

Where powder coating is applied as an electrostatic spray, e-coating is a “wet” application where metal parts are immersed in a bath of paint and epoxy. Applying an electric current attracts the coating to the metal, after which the part is cured in an oven. What are the advantages of e-coating?

  • E-coating is excellent for parts with complex shapes.
  • Coating thickness can be precisely controlled, with thinner coats possible.
  • Great for high-production part runs and improved corrosion protection.
  • Material utilization is close to 100%

Electrocoating is very effective at providing corrosion protection and helps improve substrate durability.  At Great Dane Powder Coating, we work with you to determine the best coating technology for use with your production project. Call us today at 724-537-9709 to learn more.

Bio-based Powder Coating

The next revolution in powder coating technology is happening today. New bio-based resins made from plant materials promise a variety of benefits and opportunities never before available.

  • Low temperature curing opens up a range of new products to powder coating, including ones made of wood, plastic, (MDF) fiberboard, and more.
  • Non-petroleum products can offer attractive price stability.
  • Bio-based products will, by their nature, be more environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced, and regulatory friendly.

Built on a foundation of delivering exceptional powder coating results, Great Dane Powder Coating stays on the cutting-edge, constantly improving our techniques, technology, and training in an effort to bring you the finest results.

Whether you’ve never powder coated before, or you’d like to see if we can do the job better, faster, and more cost-effectively, give us a call at 724-537-9709 or visit our Contact Us page today.


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