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April 30, 2019
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Surface Prep for Powder Coating

Surface Prep for Powder Coating

Expert Preparation is Essential to a Good Finish

part preparation for powder coatingFor many applications, powder coating provides a superior finish that can’t be beat. It’s resistant to chips, rust, and weathering, comes in a wide variety of colors, and can be used on everything from household appliances to automotive and architectural elements, farm equipment, and even toys.

At Great Dane, we know the foundation of powder coating excellence is surface prep. That’s why we provide a complete turnkey solution that takes your raw manufactured part and delivers a piece with a perfect finish

Surface Preparation Steps Include:

  • Disassembly. If the product is comprised of more than one part, or some parts are sensitive to the baking process used in powder coating, the unit will be disassembled, the appropriate parts prepared for powder coating.
  • Stripping and Cleaning. All dirt, oil, grime, and any trace of previous coatings must be removed. Leaving contaminants on the part is the surest way to ruin an otherwise perfect powder coat.
  • Pre-Baking and Outgassing. While not necessary for all parts, pre-baking is an important step for porous metals like cast iron and aluminum which may have absorbed oils during the manufacturing process. Oils left in the metal will outgas during the powder coat bake and leave bubbles and bumps in the finish.
  • Sandblasting. Sandblasting not only ensures a bare, clean surface, it helps provide a texture for the powder coat to adhere to. Of course, sandblasting takes some expertise. Not all parts or areas of a part can be sandblasted, and some areas should be masked off prior to sandblasting. Choosing a clean sandblasting media is also very important to a successful powder coat.
  • Surface Masking. After a careful post-sandblast cleaning (to remove sandblasting dust) comes masking. At this point, the part in preparation is so clean it should be handled with clean gloves and touched only by clean tools. A single, sweaty fingerprint could ruin the finish. Masking depends on the part and what areas need to remain free of powder coat.

At Great Dane Powder Coating, Inc., we take surface preparation seriously, taking the care to eliminate 99% of the obstacles to a great powder coating result.

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