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Great Dane Powder Coating Inc.

Great Dane Powder Coating Inc. is a state of the art powder coating facility located near Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Established in 1991, we have many years of experience that allows us to accommodate almost any powder coating need.

We can take your project from start to finish, beginning with a phosphate pre-treatment or sand blasting. Once clean, your item(s) will be protected with a chip resistant, durable, UV resistant powder coat. Do you prefer high gloss, satin, or textured finish? With many different styles to choose from, Great Dane Powder Coating Inc. is sure to find what's right for your product.

Looking for quick turn around times? Great Dane Powder Coating Inc. can turn parts in days. Great Dane's standard 5 day turn can accommodate even the tightest schedules. Need it faster? Simply give us a call. We believe superior customer service and quality results are not an additional charge: they should be expected. There are no hidden fees. Guaranteed.

We can coat many metal substrates. Steel and extruded or cast aluminum normally accept powder coating very well. We also provide sandblasting, customized masking, custom colors for large or small runs.

Send us your specification drawings or photographs and we will be happy to provide your a free quotation.

Now offering E-Coat

What is E-Coat?
E-coating – also known as Electrophoretic Painting, Electrocoating, Electropainting etc. – is a high-tech process that has been developed over the last fifty years. The E-coat process was originally developed for applying an anti-corrosive coating over steel car bodies.  Users recognize E-coat’s ability to paint high production volumes of parts with a unique combination of decoration and protection. Material utilization is close to 100%. This creates high production efficiency coupled with advanced quality results.

How E-Coating Works
The coating materials (resins, pigments, additives, etc.) are dispersed in water and held in a bath. The parts to be coated are immersed in the solution and an electrical current is passed through the bath using the parts as an electrode.

Electrical activity around the surface of the parts makes the resin directly in contact become insoluble in water. This causes a layer of resin – including any pigments and additives present – to adhere to the surface of the parts. The coated parts can then be removed from the bath and the coating is cured by baking in an oven to make it hard and durable.

Advantages of the Electropainting Process
Immersion process: All of the surfaces in contact with the solution are coated. This means that even the most complicated shapes can be completely coated.
Electrical deposition method: The application of electricity causes the resins and other ingredients to deposit onto the parts’ surface. Controlling the electrical current enables a predictable and consistent thickness of coating to be applied.
Water based process: There are no flammability problems during application. Also, there is no need to dry parts after water-based cleaning or pretreatment processes.

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We provide quality powder coating services to Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia since 1991. Service area includes; Pittsburgh, Latrobe,
Johnstown, Greensburg, Indiana, Cranberry, Washington PA, Erie, Youngstown, Cleveland, Morgantown and surrounding locations.



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