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What Makes e-Coating a Good Finishing Process?

What Makes e-Coating a Good Finishing Process?

For Industrial and Automotive Parts

The last thing a manufacturer wants to see is rust on their fabricated metal part or component, especially in the hands of consumers. That’s why e-coating has become so popular. This parts coating process, also known as electrophoretic deposition, creates a protective coating on metal parts to prevent corrosion.

E-coating uses an electrical current to deposit a film onto the surface of a metal part, similar to how electroplating works.

However, the coatings used in this system are different. Instead of metal on metal, a paint or epoxy coating is applied, resulting in a durable and long-lasting parts coating.

Electrophoretic coating, commonly known as e-coating, is a good finishing process for industrial and automotive parts for several reasons:

  • Excellent corrosion protection: E-coating provides excellent corrosion protection to parts, making it an ideal finishing process for industrial and automotive parts that are exposed to harsh environments and weather conditions.
  • Uniform coverage: E-coating provides uniform coverage on parts, including hard-to-reach areas, ensuring consistent quality and performance.
  • Cost-effective: E-coating is a cost-effective process for finishing industrial and automotive parts, as it can be applied quickly and efficiently in large volumes.
  • Eco-friendly: E-coating is an eco-friendly process, as it produces minimal waste and uses less energy compared to traditional coating methods.
  • Good adhesion: E-coating has good adhesion properties, ensuring the coating stays firmly attached to the surface of the part.
  • Versatile: E-coating can be used on a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and composite substrates, making it a versatile process for finishing industrial and automotive parts.
  • Aesthetic appeal: E-coating provides a smooth and uniform finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of industrial and automotive parts.

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How e-Coating is Used in the Automotive Industry

In auto manufacturing, e-coating is used to protect the surface, edges, and cavities of a car body from corrosion. It is also used on many internal parts, components, and sub-assemblies.

Auto parts that may be e-coated include: the car body, suspension components, brake components, fuel system parts, the engine block and valve covers, and transmission housings, gears, and shafts.

Electrocoating provides all of these parts with improved durability, corrosion resistance, and a consistent appearance.

Because electrocoating occurs in an electrically charged chemical bath, it can be controlled with great precision and repeatable quality, coating parts with protective coatings no more than 10 to 20 microns as needed.

In combination with the pre-treatment process, e-coating also provides an excellent base for applying subsequent paint layers.

Delivering Excellence in Automotive Electrocoating

When you choose Great Dane as your electrocoating partner, we deliver the advantages of e-coating:

Advantages to e-coating include:

  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • Improved edge protection
  • Lower cure temperature
  • Compliant with global environmental standards
  • Smoother finish

When it comes to industrial coatings, electrocoating is among the most cost-effective, durable, and environmentally friendly coating technologies available.

At Great Dane, our experience includes service for the HVAC industry, Manufacturing and Fabrication, Automotive, Appliances, Construction, Military, Medical, and more.

To learn more about how Great Dane can become a partner in e-coating your  parts and products, call us at 724-537-9709 or visit our Contact Us page.

Over 29 Years of Parts Coating Excellence

At Great Dane Powder Coating, Inc., we have more than a quarter century of experience under our belts. We offer the benefits of a cutting-edge facility and high-end equipment for providing exceptional results.

It’s no wonder that we are trusted by fabrication facilities and manufactures across the country to deliver highly durable coatings on a wide variety of parts and components.

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