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Powder Coating Guns and a Quality Result

Powder Coating Guns and A Quality Result

Is Your Powder Coater Using Hobby Guns?

Powder Coating Spray NozzleWhen it comes to high quality, long lasting coatings —the kind the big manufacturers demand— powder coating looks great, is extremely durable, and protects metal parts from corrosion and rust.

Of course, all powder coaters cannot provide the same result. When you are checking for quotes or searching for a reliable powder coating partner, one area of concern is the equipment in use.

Today, many small shops save money by starting their powder coating operation with the least expensive equipment possible. They purchase “mini” powder coating systems online, use hobby guns for application, and cure your parts in old residential ovens.

The result is often that you pay to be part of someone’s learning curve. If I doesn’t end up costing you more to redo bad work, you may pay with preventable blemishes like blushing, outgassing, sags, and pinholes.

Professional Guns vs. DIY Guns

Did you know the price range in powder coating guns can go from $80 to more than $7,000? Read the forums and you’ll find the limitations quickly enough. Some of the low-end guns have parts that will break with a feather touch, ground wires instead of grounding rods, cups that hold little powder, and lack of voltage controls.

Did you know that specialty powders like metallics and top-coats benefit from using a professional powder coating gun where it is not only possible to adjust the flow, but also voltage (KV) and current (µA) settings? This helps keep overcharging ionization under control.

Professional powder coating applicators from Wagner, Nordson, and Gema provide a homogeneous and stable powder cloud, distributing an even coat layer for optimal results. Some cutting-edge systems save all coating-relevant parameters in an electronic control module to assure that every customer job is consistent to that customer’s demands.

Experienced Powder Coating Professionals

Professional Powder Coating Gun

Of course, the biggest limitation is experience. The hand an eye behind that hobby gun is not likely to belong to a seasoned professional. More telling

than the use of cheap equipment is the result delivered by a novice technician.

If your powder coater is working with secondhand or “personal use” equipment, it is likely their training is spotty too.

At Great Dane Powder Coating, Inc., we are celebrating 25 Years in business this summer!  Our powder coating specialists serve the needs of the automotive, motorcycle, and OEM parts industries.  They are trusted by fabrication facilities and manufactures across the country to deliver highly durable coatings on a wide variety of parts and components

When choosing a powder coating company for your manufacturing or parts production service, things to consider include industry experience, efficient turnaround, and reliable consistency.

When you choose Great Dane Powder Coating, Inc., our facility, methods, communications, and order fulfillment procedures have all been optimized to provide the best results for the automotive and motorcycle industries.

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