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January 19, 2018
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July 13, 2018

Ever wonder how we became Great Dane Powder Coating

Most would guess (as I did) the love of the gentle giant that is our namesake….

Or maybe just a family friend had one growing up the owners favored (or rode like a pony)….

Maybe we wanted to be the biggest, as the Great Dane is the biggest of all dog breeds….

The truth is, none of the above!

We were conceived using the first letter of both owners’ first name (Gary and Dana) the result was Great Dane Powder Coating. Gary often laughs telling us that was what sounded correct in the moment. So we could have been Good Day Powder Coating or Get ‘er Done Powder Coating. Who knew that day in 1991 would have such staying power? Here we are 27 years later and like the little pink bunny……still going.


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