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January 19, 2018

Automotive Coatings

Automotive Coatings

Powder Coating and Electrophoretic Painting

Almost nowhere is the need for durable, high-quality finishes greater than in the automotive industry and their OEM suppliers. Car parts must:

  • Stand up to harsh environments and full-time, repetitive use.
  • Withstand corrosive elements, like winter road salt.
  • Resist chemicals like gasoline, brake fluid, anti-freeze, and organic solvents
  • Maintain an appealing finish without chipping or fading.
  • Present consistent colors, finishes, and durability.
  • Last for years and years.

Standard automotive parts in need of high-durability finishes include wheels, engine and valve covers, bumpers, springs, frame components, running boards, and roof rails, along with a wide variety of parts and accessories.

To meet these challenges, specialized coatings and coating processes have been developed, with powder coating and e-coating being the two most auto-friendly coating methods in use today.

Powder Coating Automotive Parts

At Great Dane Powder Coating, we have decades of experience in the precision application of powder coating, including service to the automotive industry and OEM parts suppliers.

Powder coating consists of the spray application of a dry, electrostatically charged powder to a metal component or part. Once the powder is applied, the part is cured in an oven to produce a durable, wear-resistant finish.

Finished parts are corrosion resistant and can have a smooth, textured, or glossy surface.

Car parts we powder coat include, but are not limited to:

  • Wheels & Hubcaps
  • Engine Covers
  • Drive Shaft
  • Oil Pans and Oil Covers
  • Prop Shafts and Drive Lines
  • Springs and Splines
  • Bolts and Frames

At our 18,000-square foot powder coating facility in Loyalhanna, PA, we have the ability to coat parts as large as 5’W, 6’H, and 18’L, and we handle everything from small orders of a few units to large production runs.

E-Coating Automotive Parts

Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) is another specialized coating process, originally developed for the automotive industry to coat auto bodies for corrosion resistance.

Parts to be e-coated are placed in a bath of resins, pigments, and water. An electric field is applied to begin the deposition process. Special advantages over powder coating include:

  • Precise, uniform control over coating thickness, and the ability to apply thinner coats.
  • Complex shapes, including parts with cavities, can be e-coated.
  • E-coating is a relatively high-speed process for large production runs.
  • High purity and excellent control of coating composition.
  • Works with a wider range of materials (metals, ceramics, polymers).
  • Aqueous, non-flammable, more environmentally friendly process.

Today, e-coating is an effective and affordable way to deliver high-quality parts in a variety of coating thicknesses and colors.

Experience Counts

When considering a partner in the finishing and delivery of OEM parts and automotive assemblies, we recommend looking at both experience and capability. E-coating and powder coating large parts both require a significant capital investment and a well-trained team.

Investing in experience delivers the results you’re looking for, where crews lacking the right equipment and training may deliver inconsistent results at best.

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